We develop cutting edge decisions and operations tools for energy storage

Our Solutions

Hybrid Greentech provides solutions from the start of an investment to the operations of your integrated asset to guarantee maximum performance and lifetime and get the best out of your investment

Hybrid Greentech promotes energy storage to reach 100% renewables within:

  • Hybrid Power Plants

  • Electric Mobility

  • Hybrid Marine

  • Micro Grids

  • Hybrid Energy Buildings

Hybrid Greentech's expertise covers energy storage, battery systems and hydrogen technologies. With our software solutions we  optimise the operation of your renewable energy system for higher revenue and performance.

We are in the process of developing a groundbreaking sizing and decision-making platforms for energy storage. It will help organisations and asset owners optimizing their revenue and performance.

Hybrid Greentech evaluates energy storage business cases, while increasing energy performance of energy storage assets for businesses ensuring safety compliance and improving lifetime of the asset using our state-of-the-art AI: HERA.

A state-of-the art sizing and optimization platform that helps organisations increase its revenue and performance.

Hybrid Greentech’s expertise covers energy storage, battery systems, and hydrogen technologies across different markets: Hybrid Power Plants, Electric Mobility, Hybrid Marine, Micro Grids, and Hybrid Energy Buildings

With our software solutions, we can optimise investments and operation of your hybrid energy system making your green transition effective.

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Hybrid Greentech inspire organisations to be green pioneers and invest in electrical energy storage so that we together can reach 100% renewable energy, where energy transitions is a obvious solution.

Rasmus Rode Mosbæk

CEO & Founder - Hybrid Greentech


Hybrid Greentech optimises investment and asset operation based on your business requirements

With our Gridhub.ai ecosystem, Hybrid Greentech, can optimise your investment for hybrid energy storage systems and take it forward and operate the assets balancing between performance and longevity of your assets.  With the HERA AI engine to power our ecosystem, our software concentrates 30+ years of cumulative expertise into an easy to work with platform.

Combing 40 years of experience in our field, latest research and industry knowledge, Hybrid Greentech simplifies investment and operational decisions in energy storage.
Our technical and technological contributions within the field of energy storage can be seen here 

Hybrid Greentech inspires businesses when investing in renewable energy transition solutions. 

Investing in hybrid energy systems requires knowledge and expertise. Our cumulative 40+ years of expertise allows Hybrid Greentech to inspire and support you on your journey to be CO2 neutral and even CO2 free in the next decade. We can assist you in designing your investments in hybrid energy systems for your business and operating your assets optimally to match the best possible business case.

We are an independent engineering consulting company promoting energy storage to support the goal of 100% renewables in the energy- and transport sector.

Our expertise in energy storage, battery systems, hydrogen technologies, and energy data, enables us to provide deep technical insights and support to your business in acquiring, deploying, and operating hybrid energy systems and services.

Hybrid Greentech ApS is on track to become the leading energy storage consultant in Northern Europe providing state-of-the-art technical insight and support for businesses investing in the green transition.


"We see an increasing value of intelligent hybrid solutions as electricity from renewables projects are sold in volatile merchant markets with no guaranteed tariffs. It is critical that risks are mitigated or hedged by means of for instance co-located wind-solar-storage solutions. ”

Lars N. Conradsen

Founding Partner and Lead Consultant, PEAK Wind

Hybrid Greentech and PEAK Wind form partnership to offer intelligent hybrid power plant solutions.


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