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Torben Glar Nielsen has worked at the executive level in the energy sector for many years, latest as CTO and board member in Energinet. Torben is experienced in working at a strategic level within all disciplines in a company, as well as in implementing strategies through management of numerous employees.

Torben also offers general business management and special knowledge of the energy sector with know-how of the overall system's structure and function, from the market area to more specific technical solutions. Examples of the technical areas include experience from Wind, Solar, Energy Islands, PtX, Transmission, Energy storage, etc.

Torben holds several board positions, that all naturally contribute with experience to the board work at Hybrid Greentech.

Lars Nagstrup Conradsen_edited_edited.png

Lars  Conradsen
Board member

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Lars Nagstrup Conradsen, Founding Partner and Head of Technology at PEAK Wind, is an experienced renewable energy executive with a demonstrated history from large scale infrastructure projects.

Lars has a 15 year track record in offshore wind and energy transition and is responsible for PEAK Winds investments in new technologies and new service developments.


Furthermore, Lars is professionally skilled in M&A, Asset and Operations Management, Negotiations, Business Planning, Business Case and Strategic Sourcing, all valuable skills in connection with the Hybrid Greentech board work

Michael Andersen.png

Michael Andersen
Board member

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Michael Andersen, CEO & Co-Founding Partner at PEAK Wind, has extensive experience within wind farm operations and asset management consultancy.


Michael has been responsible for delivering value-driven asset management for on- and offshore wind farm owners and is dedicated to wind farm operations, maintenance and asset management and aims to offer customers best-in-class O&M project management services.


Michael’s vast financial experience within the energy sector is a valuable contribution to the Hybrid Greentech board work

Lars Christensen - board member Hybrid G

Lars Christensen
Board member

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Lars Christensen, Director, Head of Special Projects at PensionDanmark, has extensive experience from the energy sector and investments in energy and infrastructure projects. Prior to joining PensionDanmark, Lars worked for Ørsted for a decade, and subsequently with renewable energy investments at ATP.


Lars has a background within asset management, corporate finance, investments and strategy, working intensively with project management and bridging different functional areas in order to deliver a cohesive solution to business challenges. Main strengths within project management and coordination, and building, maintaining and leveraging strong relations across different areas of the business to achieve results.

Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, CEO, Hybrid Greentech

Rasmus Rode Mosbæk
Board member

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Rasmus Rode Mosbæk is founder and CEO of Hybrid Greentech. Using his MSc and PhD background in energy storage, Rasmus is determined in pursuing the most sustainable and profitable solutions possible within optimisation of intelligent, green energy storage.


Rasmus founded Hybrid Greentech in 2018, and the company has been on a steep growing curb since then. Rasmus’ vast knowledge of the core business combined with his extremely commercial approach to running a company is a very valuable addition to the competences of the external board members on the Hybrid Greentech board

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