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Hybrid Greentech strives for a future that is based on renewable energy. When we get new colleagues, we hope they share the same view and the same desire to achieve a such future.


Hybrid Greentech's team, consists of individuals who sincerely want to help companies become green pioneers.

Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, MSc & PhD

CEO & Founder

Henriette Østbye

People and Development Manager

Andreas Barnekov Thingvad, MSc & PhD

Trading Systems Director

Anton Osadchij, MSc

Energy Storage Expert

Søren Blatt Bendtsen

Junior Energy Systems Analyst

Arni Westh Hansen

Senior Data Engineer

William Mathiassen

Junior Software Engineer

Christoffer Greisen

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Crone Faarborg

Special Advisor

Roar Hestbek Nicolaisen, MSc

Lead Energy Storage Expert
Hydrogen- & Power-to-X Systems

Zeenat Hameed, MSc & PhD

Senior Energy Flexibility Expert

Vignesh Krishnamoorthy, MSc

Engineering Director

Miguel Aliaga

DevOps Engineer

Aksel Mannstaedt

Junior Software Engineer

Martin Gram

Chief Business Development Officer

Ole Lindeschouw

EPC Commercial Manager

Alaa Farhat Noureddine, MSc & PhD

Energy Storage Sizing Expert

Nikita Padmadas

Junior Energy Systems Analyst

Amandeep Midha

Senior Software Engineer

Alice Ping Ping Tse, MPhil & PhD

Data Scientist

Simon Foss Børresen

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Salomon

EPC Project Manager

Vishakha Jalaik, MSc

Power Systems Expert

Markus Hvid Monin Andersen

Junior Energy Storage Expert

Anders Fleron Bourgeat

Data Engineer

Miren Lur Barquin Torre, MSc

Machine Learning Engineer

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