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Hybrid Greentech's technical, operational and commercial  expertise in energy storage comes from deep domain knowledge on battery and hydrogen systems combined with advanced energy analytics skills that includes machine learning and artificial intelligence. This enable us to do detailed OPEX modelling in early concept development to ensure the best investment decision. Our typical services for an energy storage project are listed below.

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Energy Storage Business Case
Business Case Process

The Process

Hybrid Greentech recommend the following process for optimising the business case for an energy storage project.

  • Setting up the detailed value stack of the site

  • Acquire the necessary data for analyzing the business case from historical data (wind, solar, consumption, energy and power market prices)

  • Detailed OPEX modelling on the energy storage system including energy storage capacity management

  • Projecting price changes in the value stack and OPEX cost for site lifespan

  • Setting up the optimisation problem

  • Parametric business case analysis and business case optimisation of the project


The Value Stack

The key to a successful energy storage project is the value stack. Hybrid Greentech have the following recommendation for the value stack:

  • Energy price setup and energy markets

  • Price for the stored energy as a value-added product (electricity, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, methane)

  • Grid connection costs and grid capacity

  • Balancing markets and frequency support

  • Voltage support and reactive power compensation

  • Energy consumption at site and behind the meter

  • Extra: Defining local content in large energy storage bids

Energy Storage Benchmark
Energy Storage Benchmark


Energy Storage

Important considerations for Battery Energy Storage  when low levelized cost of storage is needed.

  • Location: Standalone or co-located energy storage system

  • Defining the value stack

  • System: AC or DC connected?

  • System: containerised or individual energy storage blocks

  • Which Li-ion chemistry: LFP, NMC, or LTO?

  • Available energy: 80 or 90% depth of discharge of Lithium-Ion

  • Accounting for cycle degradation and calendar aging

  • Increased initial energy capacity versus capacity management agreement to account for degradation

  • Is local content required in the bid process?



Important consideration for increasing your revenue and performance of your Power-to-X project.

  • Defining the X: Hydrogen, ammonia, methane, methanol or higher hydrocarbons

  • Defining the off-takers, off-take volume and expected fuel price

  • Setting up the fuel piping infrastructure and fuel logistics

  • Defining the Power-to-X value stack

  • Which electrolysis technology: AEC, PEMEC or SOEC?

  • Defining the fuel production scheme: Constant versus flexible fuel production?

  • Shall the electrolysis system do: Continuously fuel production, participate in balancing markets or do constant production?


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