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Hybrid Greentech is your catalyst for energy storage uptake.

Hybrid Greentech inspires organisations to be green pioneers and invest in electrical energy storage so that together we can reach 100% renewable energy.


By using the latest research and industry knowledge, we are developing a fully integrated data-driven AI software ecosystem for energy storage and Power To X. Our software identifies the best investment decisions for each specific use case and operates storage assets to increase revenue and performance.

Why, How, What


We support organisations in the effort to reach 100% renewable energy.


We operate a unique digital backbone, that makes it simple to leverage the full revenue potential for energy storage.


We deliver a fully AI-driven virtual power plant, that increases revenue and performance of energy storage.


Lars N. Conradsen
Founding Partner and Lead Consultant, PEAK Wind

We see an increasing value of intelligent hybrid solutions as electricity from renewables projects are sold in volatile merchant markets with no guaranteed tariffs. It is critical that risks are mitigated or hedged by means of for instance co-located wind-solar-storage solutions. 

Peder Cajar
Head of Department, P.A.P A/S

It has been a pleasure to work with Hybrid Greentech. Lots of competences about energy storage, inverters and microgrids, combined with high activity level and great network in the business.

Jannik Kappel
Program Manager for Renewable Energy, Nukissiorfiit

Hybrid Greentech has a in depth technical knowledge and market overview of energy storage systems for microgrids which have been to great use for Nukissiorfiit

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Hybrid Greentech founder's story.

Rasmus's interest and passion for hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries, started 20 years ago after watching Denmark’s Radio Science Program “Viden Om”. One episode was about hydrogen fuel cell busses in Reykjavik, Iceland. After that episode, Rasmus was changed, and now knew he wanted to dedicate his life, to work with alternative forms of energy.


Eighteen years, a BEng, MSc, and a Ph.D. degree later, he founded Hybrid Greentech - Energy Storage Intelligence. An expert- and software company 100% dedicated to renewable energy storage.

Hybrid Greentech founding story
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