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Helping design and optimally operate the

best energy storage investments for your business

The Gridhub Ecosystem

We use your data to find the optimal investment that will guarantee your business CO2 reduction and an optimal business case. Once installed and ready, with our software, your asset can operate optimally to ensure a longer lifetime and increased savings and revenue by combining market data with our decision-making algorithms.

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We work with your business and your asset from the start of your investment decision to the optimal operation to ensure you have the best possible business case. You can learn more about our offerings: and, both powered by our state-of-the-art, AI decision-making tool HERA.

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Maximising value on your investment decisions for energy storage systems 

With, your business can identify the exact potential for investing in energy storage enabling you to reduce CO2 emissions and improve savings enabling a bulletproof business case.
Virtual Power Plant

Maximising value by optimising operations of your energy storage assets 

Optimal operation of your asset can deliver savings, better performance, and increased lifetime. Using, your energy storage asset can operate for longer with increased performance. 

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HERA combines external data and your asset data for both designing and planning. 

With state-of-the-art AI, HERA can help optimally operate your energy storage asset to increase lifetime and performance for different operational profiles


A state-of-the-art decision-making AI tool for handling the horizon planning and real-time operations of your energy storage assets.

HERA is the brain behind that combines longer-term optimisation models and short-term machine learning models to decide on optimal operation of your energy storage asset.


As the brain behind sizing and vpp, HERA can help optimise operation from the design phase of your investment to the operations phase of your investment guaranteeing the best-possible business case.

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Hybrid Greentech Energy Intelligence ApS

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