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What is NEXP2X?

Displacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy (RE) is a global issue with inherent challenges of balancing electricity supply and demand. Solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) can convert electricity from RE sources into hydrogen, CO or methane and hence contribute to an excess electricity offtake. The produced gas can be converted into liquid hydrocarbon fuels for the transportation sector, sold to other high value markets, or converted back to electricity at peak demand and hereby reduce carbon footprint.

What is the innovation?

The overall aim of the project NEXP2X is to develop a highly efficient and cost competitive SOEC-based Power2X (P2X) technology to facilitate integration of fluctuating RE into the future energy system and thus provide sustainable solutions for future urban transport and chemical industry. With a strong Danish consortium, NEXP2X will develop low cost and high performing SOEC, by lowering the operating temperature with >100C thus allowing for usage of cheap components, leading to a cost reduction by 50%. To ensure system robustness, a novel power converter incorporating functionality of stack health monitoring will be designed. The developed SOEC and converters will be incorporated into a 5 kW SOEC system developed by the Chinese team, further integrated with a methanol reactor for actual demonstration in China. NEXP2X will strengthen Denmark’s position in the fields of P2X and SOEC, foster growth of small Danish SMEs, and promote export of Danish energy technologies.

Period: 2020-2021

Fund: Innovation fund Denmark

Call: Grand Solutions - Int. Collaboration

Partners: -

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