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Hybrid Greentech wins the Green Power Prize 2024

Hybrid Greentech wins this year's Green Power Award for its advanced, large-scale and intelligent energy storage solutions, which relieve the grid and store excess energy using AI-powered virtual power plants. A technology that strengthens electrification and has required courage to develop.

Hybrid Greentech wins the Green Power Award 2024 for their AI-powered virtual power plants that help maximize the use of renewable energy and increase the flexibility of the energy system. Under the leadership of founder Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, Hybrid Greentech has grown to a company with 25 employees.

With Hybrid Greentech's intelligent energy storage solutions, in periods when there is a surplus of renewable energy in relation to consumption, they can store the energy in everything from heat pumps, batteries for cooling systems or melting furnaces through AI-powered virtual power plants. When a cloud goes in front of the sun or a wind front is delayed, they can in the same second release the power again.

The winner of the Green Power Prize 2024 is Hybrid Greentech. On stage from left: Kristian Jensen, CEO of Green Power Denmark, Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, CEO and founder of Hybrid Greentech, Andreas Barnekov Thingvad, Trading Systems Director and Martin Gram, Chief Business Development Officer, Jesper Hjulmand CEO of Andel and Chair of the Board of Green Power Denmark, Lea Bigom Wichmand, Head of Department, Business and Innovation Green Power Denmark. Photo: Jeppe Carlsen

- Congratulations to Hybrid Greentech. They are helping to solve a huge challenge in the green transition, namely how we ensure that there is always power in the socket - even when the sun has gone down and the wind is not blowing. To that extent, their technology helps to strengthen electrification, which is why they deservedly win this year's Green Power Award, says Kristian Jensen, CEO of Green Power Denmark, and continues:

- It is precisely innovative and far-sighted efforts like these that we would like to pay tribute to with the Green Power Award. The technology that Hybrid Greentech has developed shows how artificial intelligence and green transition can go hand in hand. A technology that has required enormous courage and persistence from founder Rasmus Rode Mosbæk and the rest of the team behind it, says Kristian Jensen.

The Green Power Award pays tribute to those who dare to make brave decisions and make a difference in the green transition. This year, the focus has been on those who are leading the way and promoting electrification. The jury has chosen three finalists from a strong field of nominations.

The Green Power Prize is for the extraordinary efforts that push Denmark in a green and electrified direction. The prize, which is to be awarded annually, was established in 2023.

The assessment weighs:

  • Brave decisions.

  • Initiatives that contribute to the electrification of Denmark or Europe.

  • Initiatives that inspire.

See the jury's reasoning for choosing this year's winner of the Green Power Award (in Danish).

This year's finalists were Hybrid Greentech, Eurowind Energy and MEP Morten Helveg Petersen from Radikale Venstre. In the assessment, the jury has weighted brave decisions and the electrification of Danish society as an inspiration for the rest of Europe. On all three criteria, Hybrid Greentech has excelled.

The award was presented at Green Power Denmark's Summit 2024, where founder Rasmus Rode Mosbæk received a diploma and DKK 30,000 for a green cause. Hybrid Greentech has chosen to donate the DKK 30,000 to ENGIE Energy Access in Kenya through  via the Danish blockchian based carbon credit platform Carbon Clear that provides embedded digital-MRV of carbon credits verified by DNV. Access to electricity is a human right. There are 600 million people south of the Sahara who do not have access to clean, safe, cheap electricity. Today, many are dependent on dirty and dangerous energy sources such as kerosene and diesel. The DKK 30,000 will reduce 155 tonnes of CO2 in Kenya.

"Hybrid Greentech is very honored to receive this great award from the Danish energy industry. As mentioned in the nomination video, this award should not go to us, but to our customers who have trusted us and been on the journey together with us.

We are nerds and we are proud of it. We have a strategy that we must make our customers look good. The green transition can only become a reality if there are customers who make their flexible consumption available. Flexible consumption must be a good and profitable experience. Many electric car owners do not know it, but a large part of the charging stations are ready on a daily basis to balance the electricity grid and thereby ensure the green transition – it is a success. " says CEO and Founder of Hybrid Greentech, Rasmus Rode Mosbæk

and continues: "For us, flexibility is not a question of getting end users to shift power consumption of a dishwasher from day to night, but a question of digitization and algorithms and ensuring profitability and longevity of the assets we operate. No matter if it is electric vehicles, heat pumps, boilers, batteries or Power to X systems.

Our hope is that with this award we can make more companies aware of the fact that flexible electricity consumption is not a thing in the future or unprofitable, but that the future is now and they can start tomorrow."

Watch the nomination video about Hybrid Greentech - from the Green Power Award 2024 (in Danish).

This press release was made based on the Danish press release from Green Power Denmark.



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