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Hybrid Greentech and PEAK Wind form partnership to offer intelligent hybrid power plant solutions

Today, PEAK Wind, a leading provider of wind energy O&M and asset management advisory consultancy and Hybrid Greentech, a pioneer in intelligent battery energy storage systems, announce the formation of a partnership that aims at solving one of the major challenges in the global energy transition, namely the increased cost of managing intermittency that renewable generation projects are facing as penetration of renewables increases. Intelligently managing hybrid systems, i.e., wind/solar in combination with battery is key to catalyse further build-out of renewable energy.

Together the two companies will work closely together to address the challenge that most renewable energy developers, asset owners and operators face; how to reduce the cost of stored energy while at the same time maintaining the responsiveness of the entire hybrid system consisting of intermittent generation and battery energy storage.

“The core of Hybrid Greentech’s technology are intelligent sizing and management of battery solutions where we optimize for lifetime cost of storage. Together with PEAK Wind, we can deliver solutions that meet future needs for efficient and cost-effective co-location of renewable generation assets and batteries. By combining our strengths, we can develop solutions and strategies that preserve the hybrid system’s responsiveness, minimize its degradation, and lower the systems levelized cost of energy,” says Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, Founder and CEO of Hybrid Greentech.

According to a 2020 report by the IEA, “Affordable and flexible electricity storage technologies are set to catalyse transitions to clean energy around the world, enabling cleaner electricity to penetrate a burgeoning range of applications.”

PEAK Wind and Hybrid Greentech have since their establishment witnessed the dynamic changes in the renewable energy landscape first-hand and recognises the critical importance of thinking system level cost, including storage and O&M costs.

Co-founder and Lead Consultant of PEAK Wind Lars N. Conradsen says, “We see an increasing value of intelligent hybrid solutions as electricity from renewables projects are sold in volatile merchant markets with no guaranteed tariffs. It is critical for the asset owners’ business cases that the downside risks are mitigated or hedged by means of for instance co-located wind-solar-storage solutions. We believe this is the critical factor in propelling renewables to the next stage of development.”

For further information, please contact:

Hybrid Greentech

Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, CEO & Founder

+45 3127 0300

About Hybrid Greentech

Hybrid Greentech inspire organizations to be green pioneers and invest in electrical energy storage so that together we can reach 100% renewable energy. By using the latest research and industry knowledge we are making it simple to take an investment decision on energy storage. We develop a cutting-edge decision tools for energy storage, both sizing and real time optimization that increase revenue and performance.

About PEAK Wind William Lim, Head of Business Development

+45 2426 9628

About PEAK Wind

PEAK Wind was founded by three former colleagues of the offshore wind industry, with the purpose to combine technical, financial, and commercial expertise within Renewables Operations & Asset Management (O&AM), aiming to provide market-leading services and advisory to wind farm owners and investors globally. More than 70 specialized employees warrant a unique track record and experience specifically within the offshore wind sector, making PEAK Wind one of the most experienced offshore wind O&AM consultancies globally. PEAK Wind is continuing their international growth with consultants based in Denmark, Germany, Spain, the U.S., and Taiwan, supporting and servicing domestic and foreign developers worldwide.

Press release first published by PEAK Wind.



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