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Hybrid Greentech among the five new Maritime Stars

The maritime industry has received five new stars that will be developed and made strong in the coming months. The Industry Foundation welcomes the new shooting star.

A stabilization system that counteracts wave movements, a digital platform that reduces human error at sea and energy storage for ports and ships. These are just some of the new, innovative solutions that participants presented at this year's Maritime Stars finale.

Twenty lighthouse companies such as DFDS, Alfa Laval, Danish Shipowners and Logimatic were responsible for the selection of a total of five new participants:

Sternula (Aalborg), E-AT (Herfølge), Scoutbase (Svendborg), Hybrid Greentech (Roskilde), and DACOMA (Svendborg).

“Denmark is a maritime nation and blue Denmark plays an important role for both business and society. It is therefore important that the sector constantly innovates and brings innovative solutions into play. And it is precisely at this point - as messengers of good ideas that can develop into valuable and competitive solutions - that we hope to see the five entrepreneurial companies unfold in the coming months, ”says Thomas Hofman-Bang, CEO in the Industry Fund, which finances Maritime Stars together with the EU Social Fund.

The five new stars will in the coming months, through a process of sparring, guidance and strategy, together with a business developer and the 20 lighthouse companies that look forward to the collaboration.

“We know that Denmark can innovate in world-class maritime. I've asked for better contact in the past for the amazing maritime startup environment we know is out there as it can sometimes be hard to spot each other. The Maritime Stars project has succeeded in being such a bridge builder and I am very proud to be allowed to contribute to it ”, says Thomas Clausen, Digital Manager at Alfa Laval.

Director of Logimatic, Lars Riisberg, who is also part of the program as a lighthouse operator and judge, welcomes this year's strong field.

“It was a great pleasure to participate in the Maritime Stars Final 2020. There was a very strong field of candidates and I believe that all candidates were eligible to participate in the program. As a lighthouse company, we look forward to getting to know the candidates even better and hopefully helping them to growth and business creation. We also participated in the Maritime Stars in 2019 and think the concept is quite brilliant and should be copied to other industries ”, says CEO Lars Riisberg.

At MARCOD, which runs the Maritime Stars in its second year, there is also great satisfaction with the selection of participants of the year.

“This year we received no fewer than 56 applicants from entrepreneurs around the country. We have now found the sharpest profiles that we look forward to working with. And then we can also look forward to 2021, where we again have to find the next stars, ”says Christine Lund, CEO of MARCOD.

The participating lighthouse companies are: Alfa Laval, Danish Shipowners, Danfoss, DESMI, DFDS, Fjordline, Gatehouse, Hoyer Motors, Logimatic, Maersk Tankers, MAN Energy Solutions, Terntank, Viking Life-Saving Equipment, Wrist Ship Supply, World Marine Offshore, Wärtsila Denmark, Hans Jensen Lubricators, Unifeeder, Frederikshavn Harbor and Aalborg Harbor.

See more about the project:

Facts about Maritime Stars:

Maritime Stars is a nationwide, three-year entrepreneurial program designed to ensure innovation and development in the maritime industry. Maritime Stars is run by MARCOD and funded by the Industry Fund and the EU Social Fund. The Maritime Stars had their first run in 2019 with five start up's. Similar courses must run in 2020 and 2021. Participants are free to participate - a course has an estimated value of at least DKK 200,000 per year. participatory start up. Twenty lighthouse companies with in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry provide participants, sparring, knowledge, advice and time. A Maritime Stars course runs from April to December and results in a growth plan for the participants.

Facts about MARCOD:

MARCOD is a maritime industry development center and cluster secretariat, which supports the development of small and medium-sized maritime companies in the northern Jutland maritime cluster. MARCOD works with network development, maritime business development, research and knowledge sharing, qualified manpower and branding. MARCOD also runs Scale-up Denmark and the Maritime Stars growth programs for the maritime industry in DK. MARCOD is established at the end of 2010 MARCOD is organized as a foundation and is based in Frederikshavn with satellite office at Aalborg Harbor. The center has eight employees and is silver certified according to the EU's joint cluster initiative ECEI. In 2020, MARCOD was supported by the European Regional Fund and the Danish Business Promotion Board.

The press release was first published in Danish at MARCOD's website:



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