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What is the ZECO2Plant?

The aim of the  ZECO2 Plant project is to reduce the use of energy for the production of cement and in the same time reduce the CO2 emission by 30%.

What is the innovation?

The project focuses on reducing the cement industry's CO2 emissions and high energy consumption through intelligent use of renewable energy sources, the burning of clinker without a CO2 footprint is carried out. At the same time, fly ash is replaced with slate to achieve a lower energy consumption while maintaining the strength of the cement. Therefore, the innovation project will create new forms of alternative energy production for burning clinker. Supply of slate instead of fly ash - a component that the industry is experiencing a shortage of as a result of fewer coal-fired power plants.

What is Hybrid Greentech role?

Hybrid Greentech support the project by developing a sizing platform for wind,  solar and energy storage.

Period: 2020 - 2021

Fund: Energy Cluster Danmark


  • CemGreen

  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

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