Delivering the maximum value and performance
for your energy storage assets

We provide solutions from identifying the right investments  to the optimal operation of your asset to guarantee maximum performance and lifetime and get the best out of your investment and unlock new revenue streams

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Identify & Tender

Our cutting-edge decision making tools allow you to experiment and identify the correct investments for your business case

Enable & Monitor

We offer physical communication with your asset and enable our intelligent algorithms to monitor and provide insight to your assets, unlock additional performance and increase lifetime

Control & Optimise

With our intelligent tools, we can unlock optimal revenue sources for your assets while ensuring asset performance and lifetime

Our Expertise

Hybrid Greentech works across different technologies with our expertise crossing between batteries, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and electrolysers coordinated with solar panels and wind turbines. 



Electric Vehicles

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Solar Plants


Heat Pumps




Wind Plants


Business Areas

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Hybrid Marine

Deploy energy storage in marine environments to unlock additional value and performance

Hybrid Power Plants

Unlock additional revenue streams for your power plant with energy storage

Electric Mobility

Increase your battery lifetime and performance and add additional revenue streams to your business

Hybrid Energy Buildings

Reduce the carbon footprint of your real-estate and increase
the potential to add additional revenue

Hybrid Micro Grids

Identify and invest in the right energy storage systems to improve the benefit of micro-grids

Hybrid Greentech inspire organisations to be green pioneers and invest in electrical energy storage so that we together can reach 100% renewable energy, where energy transitions is a obvious solution.

Rasmus Rode Mosbæk

CEO & Founder - Hybrid Greentech


How we work...

Our software ecosystem allows us to utilise our state-of-the-art algorithms, data handling capabilities to optimise your investment allowing to reduce your carbon footprint while unlocking revenue streams and other financial benefits.


Our algorithms balance the asset operation between performance, revenue, and lifetime allowing you to achieve the best possible outcome. 


Our proprietary HERA engine concentrates our combined 30+ years of expertise in energy storage assets, data science, and control to bring the best services to you. 

Hybrid Greentech combines 40 years of experience, research, and industry knowledge to simplify investment and operational decisions in energy storage.

Our involvement...

Our expertise allows us to work throughout the lifecycle of your asset


Design & Planning

Evaluate your business case and identify the right investment


Installation & Commissioning

Manage testing plan and enable asset monitoring system to future proof your investment


Decommission & Recycle

Repurposing and safe de-powering your assets to ensure lowered environmental impact


Tendering & Procurement

Technical evaluation of tenders to ensure optimal procurement for your business case 


Operation & Maintenance

Real-time optimised operation, unlock revenue streams with state-of-the-art algorithms


"We see an increasing value of intelligent hybrid solutions as electricity from renewables projects are sold in volatile merchant markets with no guaranteed tariffs. It is critical that risks are mitigated or hedged by means of for instance co-located wind-solar-storage solutions. ”

Lars N. Conradsen

Founding Partner and Lead Consultant, PEAK Wind

Hybrid Greentech and PEAK Wind form partnership to offer intelligent hybrid power plant solutions.


We are an independent engineering consulting company promoting energy storage to support the goal of 100% renewables in the energy- and transport sector.

Our expertise in energy storage, battery systems, hydrogen technologies, and energy data, enables us to provide deep technical insights and support to your business in acquiring, deploying, and operating hybrid energy systems and services.

Hybrid Greentech optimises investment and asset operation for your business requirements
Our technical and technological contributions within the field of energy storage can be seen here: 

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