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What is the ALIGHT Project?

In the ALIGHT project, Hybrid Greentech, among other experts, support Copenhagen Airports' objectives to reduce its CO2 emissions while simultaneously convert to a green-energy lighthouse for other airports to follow.

Hybrid Greentech, along with other experts on renewable energy solutions, is helping them in reducing their CO2 footprint through the ALIGHT project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 957824.

What is the innovation?

The ALIGHT project aims to develop solutions to two overall challenges:

  1. process and logistics of handling sustainable aviation fuels

  2. the development of smart energy solutions for ground operations including their own production of sustainable energy and storage.


ALIGHT will create solutions and contribute with know-how, scope, and guidelines for developing a sustainable airport for the future.


Period: 2020-2024

Fund: Horizon 2020


  • Scandinavian airlines system SAS Consortium

  • Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation

  • Brændstoflageret Københavns Lufthavn I/S

  • Aeroporti di Roma Spa

  • SE Lithaunian airports


  • IATA Espana sl Sociedad Unipersonal

  • Deutsches zentrum fuerluft - und raumfahrt ev

  • Air BP Limited

  • RSB roundtable on sustainabble biomaterials association

  • BMGindroz Consulting

  • Universtia Degli Studi Di Parma

  • Technische Universitat Hamburg

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