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Hybrid Greentech and Semco Maritime form partnership for PtX and energy storage deployment at scale

We are happy to announce today that Hybrid Greentech, a pioneer in intelligent, cost-effective deployment and operation of the battery and Power-to-X systems, and Semco Maritime, the international engineering, contracting, and O&M company, have entered into a strategic partnership. This partnership supports organisations in developing cost-efficient battery energy storage systems and Power-to-X facilities.

This partnership unites the strengths of Hybrid Greentech and Semco Maritime, supporting the industry, and making sure that customers derive the maximum from their investments. Hybrid Greentech will deliver state-of-the-art expertise in electric energy storage, Power to X technologies, and electricity market intelligence. Semco Maritime will contribute with expertise from their more than 40 years of experience in EPC projects & O&M with Oil and Gas, Renewable energy, and Power Transmission networks.

With the cooperation between Hybrid Greentech and Semco Maritime we can service renewable energy developers in all phases from greenfield to decommissioning for cost-effective integration of large-scale energy storage and Power to X solutions.” Says CEO & Founder of Hybrid Greentech, Rasmus Rode Mosbæk.

Senior Sales Manager from Semco Maritime, John Lionel Dicom, continues:” The cooperation between Semco Maritime and Hybrid Greentech fell quite naturally in place as we complement each other in a seamless fashion to provide total solutions for Power to X and Battery Storage.

Our data-driven tools support your decision-making in the due diligence process of the investment and thereafter in its execution, lifetime operation, and maintenance. We help with diversifying and increasing your revenue streams, exploiting the full potential of your initiatives and installations.

For further information, please contact:

Hybrid Greentech

Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, CEO & Founder

+45 3127 0300

About Hybrid Greentech

Hybrid Greentech inspires organisations to be green pioneers and invest in electrical energy storage so that together we can reach 100% renewable energy. By using the latest research and industry knowledge we are making it simple to take cost-efficient investment decisions on energy storage. We are developing a fully AI-driven software ecosystem for energy storage and Power To X, that increases revenue and performance from sizing to real-time market participation.

Semco Maritime

John Lionel Dicom, Business Development Manager

+45 6070 6474

About Semco Maritime

Semco Maritime is an international engineering and contracting company dedicated to projects in the energy sector. Since the early beginning of the Danish offshore industry, Semco Maritime has been facilitating engineering design, fabrication, installation, service and maintenance of offshore assets, providing comprehensive project management across all phases of energy projects.



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