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Hybrid Greentech & Semco Maritime

Did you know: If your organisation invests in battery storage and
Power to X technologies, your organisation's revenue stream can be increased?
Power to X Technology
Power to X Technology
When investing in our services, organisations reduce their emissions achieving their CSR policies towards a zero carbon future.
Battery Energy Storage System

Zero, that is our CO2 goal. In order to achieve it, we need to drastically increase the production from renewable energy sources. However, their fluctuation can lead to two main challenges: grid stability and energy availability. We have the solution: Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is a versatile scalable, flexible and effective way of reducing the stress, congestion, and voltage and frequency drops that our grids are facing nowadays.

Hybrid Greentech’s expertise covers several battery technologies and chemistries focusing on their characteristics, applications, and behaviors. With our data-driven simulation tools, will we identify the optimal solution for your need.

Our expertise covers:


The most common and versatile battery energy system. The most efficient way to store electricity. Their fast response allows to use them in energy applications and most importantly in power application, for example operating in the ancillary service markets. This allows having several revenue stacks and a low payback time of the asset.


  • Peak shaving

  • Frequency control

  • Voltage control

  • Load balancing

  • Ramp rate control

  • Energy time shift

Vanadium Redox Flow BESS

The higher longevity, lower Levelised Cost of Storage (LCOS), and lower energy density makes them ideal for stationary applications where the main aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions displacing a high amount of energy over time.


  • Peak shaving

  • Load balancing

  • Energy time shift

Battery Energy Storage System

Our experience


Hybrid Greentech

We have combined more than 40 years of experience in energy storage and energy data analytics. Hybrid Greentech brings state-of-the-art expertise in energy storage solutions, Power to X, and electricity markets.

Semco Maritime

Delivers more than 40 years of experience in both EPC and O&M works for the Oil & Gas, renewables- and power transmission networks.

Hybrid Greentech Semco Experience
Become a green pioneer while simultaneously increasing your self-consumption!

When investing in our services, your organisation will reduce its emission of air pollutants, meanwhile gaining financial benefits. Leave the analysing of your production and consumption data to us, and we will identify solutions that help your organisation become green.

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Our Process

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John Lionel Dicom

Business Development - Semco Maritime

The cooperation between Semco Maritime and Hybrid Greentech fell quite naturally in place as we complement each other in a seamless fashion to provide total solutions for Power to X and Battery Storage. From helping organisations in making the right decisions for what constellation he would need from their businesses, EPC deliveries of the complete asset, Lifetime O&M and life extensions and finally to the decommissioning of their assets at the end of their lifetimes. Nothing is too small nor too big for us.

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